Nos équipes


Their experience
All have extensive experience as tour guides.
They know Paris well and prepare each of their visits with the utmost seriousness.
They are available for visits to exhibitions and museums, during the day and in the evening, as well as for panoramic tours of Paris by bus or chauffeur-driven car.
Languages : French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Arab.
Our guides are also used to VIP visitors.
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Their skills
Our tour guides are appreciated as much for the content of their speeches as for their accompanying qualities.
They take pleasure in passing on their knowledge and like to adapt their speeches to different types of visitors.
They know how to bring difficult or technical subjects within reach of the greatest number of people.

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Their training
Their training is solid and of a high level: they have at least a 4-year baccalaureate level and a double education in art history, history and/or cultural mediation.
The vast majority come from Parisian universities and/or the Ecole du Louvre.